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Thursday, October 18, 2012

20 Signs you are a Psycopath...just for laughs

20 Signs That You Are A Psychopath Keep a tally and we'll tell you at the end if you are a psycho

Does not apply: 0 points

Applies somewhat: 1 point

Fully applies: 2 points

1) You have glibness and superficial charm:........ If I had any charm it would be superficial......I guess that makes me glib. +1

2) Grandiose sense of self-worth:.......Since I have low self worth, it couldn't be grandiose. What is the opposite of psycho? -1

4) Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom...so wanting alot of fun is psychotic? count me in! +2........this aint looking well....good...

5) Pathological lying:...I am still working on NOT telling people what I REALLY think of them, so I am giving myself -3 points

6: Cunning/manipulative:...........did you see how I put in a colon instead of a paranthetical punctuation after the 6?...yes...yes.... cunning AND manipulative! PLUS 2

7) Lack of remorse or guilt:...... Remorse? no ...Guilt: Yes! +-1 OR 0... OH DARN NOW I FEEL GUILTY FOR MANIPULATING THE SCORE...sigh..I cant win

8) Shallow affect/emotional range:.........how many of you pronounced that afFECT instead of AF fect..hahahahaha....I know...shallow emotional range here + 2

9) Callous/lack of empathy...I would like to have a lack of empathy so I will give myself one point ...oh that sounded callous ....2 points...

10) did anyone notice there wasnt a number 3? glib, proneness to boredom/manipulative and cunning all in one! +4! oh add lack of remorse and shallow AFfect for a total of + 6

11) Parasitic lifestyle: Being thrown out of the house at the tender age of 48....oh..+30 for the number of years staying past the normal deadline

12) Poor behavioral controls; um.....yeah...so what??? wheres that 3 week old can of chocolate frosting? +1

13) Promiscuous sexual behavior: ... how recent?

14) Early behavior problems: Mom said I was perfect until I was 5...I blame kindergarten +-0 to 1

15) Lack of realistic long-term goals: long term goals?? what are those?? +2

16) Impulsivity: is this beginning to sound like every politician every known to man? +2

17) Irresponsibility:

"But then they sent me away To teach me how to be sensible Logical, oh responsible ,practical And they showed me a world Where i could be so dependable Oh clinical, oh intellectual, cynical Supertramp.....+2

18) Failure to accept responsibility for own actions: isnt that just irresonsibility? I am subtacting 5 for pointing out redundant points...ut oh +1 for glibness total -4

19) I am getting bored....+1

20) Many short-term marital relationships:....Nope just one that was farrrrrr too long -5....(yes I am taking extra minus points! ut oh...manipulation + 1 = total -4

21) Juvenile delinquency:.....I WANTED to be a drug addict...couldn't find a dealer...sigh

22) Revocation of conditional release:...does this mean the parole system is psychotic? What does this even mean?......-4 for obscureness

23) Criminal versatility: my criminality is only outmatched by my versatility in getting caught...which is why I am not a criminal....0

UM I see 23 signs minus the one that is skipped and the one I added which leads to 21 signs! I WIN!

total score: unable to calculate...off the chart...SO? I'm potentially psychotic with a tendancy towards sociopithiness...damn test...muttering...