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Monday, June 1, 2009

Asusmptions Rules et cet

Random thought: Is wooow a word? I think I was going for wooo as in woohoo but it just didn't look right.
Ok, the rules:
#1 Don't assume that just because this blog is all about antiques that I won't wander off topic and write about a million different things instead of antiques
#2 Don't assume the rules apply to me, just because I make the rules! hehehe
# do not assume I can multi-task
#4 hey what happen to #3?
#5 Dont assume I will remember any previous rules we had on assumptions just two rules ago
#6 Do not assume I will not try to confuse the hell outta you by changing the rules...in mid sentence...without warning..
#7 Don't assume any convoluted cockamamy explanations of my new reasoning are not excuses for my previous assumptions :D
#8 Don't Assume there will not be lots of non-typos- NOTE: I CAN spell I just can't type.

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