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Monday, June 8, 2009

Flower scandal blooms in Sandusky!

Local antique shop owner and gardener extraodinaire’ Gregory Rheaume has weeded his garden, and he is blooming mad! "Those garden hoe's don't know who they are dealing with" he fumed. At stake are the fates of 5 garden urns, purchased by Greg and the possible absconding of floral funds by un-named hairdressers. “I’ve been hoe'd” pronounced Greg, when informed that the garden club considered his purchase of 5 extra flower pots "excessive" and refused to plant the ubiquitous urns. “ I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to beautify the city of Sandusky, and I feel that it's dirty pollentics" seethed Greg.
The president of the garden club stated that the club regrets the whole fiasco, “that Greg is such a pistil when it comes to his flowers,” stated one Sow and Hoe member who shall remain nameless. Greg accuses the club of backpetalling in their recent attempt to mollify him. “I’m considering leafing town” says a wilted Greg. Seeds of doubt are now planted in Gregs run for Citizen of the Year....we'll keep you posted...


  1. Don't leaf Greg! Sandusky needs you! Your fleurs have brought much needed lovlies to your stretch of the business community. We all enjoy your pretties -- all in a row. So don't be contrary -- just keep on sowing! Do I get a vote? GREG FOR PREZ... of the Garden Club of course! If you can't beat 'em - join em!

  2. All you garden hoe's should be spade!