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Monday, June 8, 2009

Retail vs: Fleatail

OHHowIHateRetail: I love shopping but being in the antiques business most buying is down at the wholesale level. What a shock to go into retail stores! Went supplies shopping, (I normally despise the big box stores) but found myself in a national chain office supplier store. Whats a girl got to do to get some service in there? Search endless aisles for a blue vested or red coated (finger quotes in air) service member (HA) only to be told that the price tags are now called Labels...they are next to the overpriced $4.99 3 piece transparent tape combo packs.... And what happend to CLEAR tape? Don't they make clear tape anymore? I loath transparent tape! Well price tags prices sure have gone up and so has tape! Thank God the post office offers free tape for priority mail...don't tell them I told you, but if you get to know the clerks at your local post office they often will slip you a roll, since you cannot order it online anymore-but I digress....I can't believe offices pay these prices for supplies, no wonder the economy is in the plunger! dON'T TELL ANYONE BUT, OPPS, damn caps lock, but flea markets and antiques shows are the best bets for the money, you can find anything there, MOST of it is legal, (more on the machine gun incident later) and best of all the rpices cannot be beat.... damn keyboard acting up again....

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