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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update: New Plot Unfolds in Flower Fight

After perennial furrowed feuding with the Sandusky Garden club Sow & Hoe's and an uncooperative coiffeuse, Greg has decided that he will not attempt to out bloom the Flower Club this year. Outside Greg's antique shop, a former oasis of olfactory ornament, now sit urns that are unadulteratedly uninspired. The Novices of Nightshade have planted this years crop and the buds will hopefully mature into Blossoms of Beauty without his special mixture of love and C3 H8 NO5 et all .
"It's all about Love" states a withering Greg.
In a surprise move an online group hereto for referred to as the "Flower Kings Under Cover" has has flourished in defense of the Connoisseur of Compost, the Master of Mulch, the Virtuoso of Violets! However, sighs of sadness and rallying cries of "Greg for Prez" have, so far, failed to take root and spring Greg back into action. Hopefully Greg, with his mastery of mulching, will bring cultivation back to Sandusky! More to come....

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