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Monday, June 8, 2009

Why I hate outdoor shows!

Was in Burton Ohio this weekend Great Geauga Lake Antiques Fest...great show but it reminded me why I hate doing outdoor shows: Top Ten reasons I hate Outdoor Shows: note: ALL TRUE! but not necessarily of Burton) he he he...
# 10 Dirt, sand, mud, gravel, horse dunk, ; If it's not one it's the other....everywhere... in everything....

#9 Flies, sand fleas, red ants, vermin, locusts, pestilence...plague...hehe..et cet... more on the red ants later.

#8 Unrelenting Sun, mini Tornados, wild wind, hurricanes, rain, floods, sleet, hail, snow, heat, fog, dew, once even a thunderstorm w/snow at the same time!

#7 Heat stroke, Sun stroke, frostbite, chillblains

Being from Michigan you have to understand, even mild sun for 12 hours makes you think you are going blind and getting heat stroke as we have 10 months of gray winter, 1 month each of spring and fall and well, thats it! Hence outdoor shows have some form of wicked weather

#6 relates to # 8: wet socks-I hate wet socks!

#5 energy drain from constant exposure to sun, heat, rain, et cet....it takes days to recuperate

#4 Sleeping in van: I used to be a princess and always stayed in hotels, but who can afford that these days? besides outdoor shows usually open at dawn so whats the point of spending all that $$$ on hotels? Of course it doesnt help that my idea of roughing it is a hotel with an OUTDOOR pool...sigh...

#3 Porta potties: try one in the middle of night, with no light.... nuff said

#2 Lack of tent: I gave up my tent years ago because I DON'T DO OUTDOOR SHOWS! ....shaking head at self...

and the #1 reason I hate outdoor shows:

I've experienced all of the above at one time or another! I have had many outdoor jobs- I love the outdoors, but not when Mother Nature ruins my stuff!

ok maybe I lied about the plague-but everythign esle is true! I swear!.... damn typos..... Other than that I loved every minute of it!!!!!


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